icysnowdrop (icysnowdrop) wrote,

shake that brass

I bought a used copy of Pokemon Black last week and here's what I found:

  1. The trainer is named SHQUEEF.

  2. The person who sold the game said it was barely played. He wasn't kidding. The save data only has 26 hours logged and SHQUEEF started around March of last year. He ragequitted after gym 6.

  3. Half the party had fainted

  4. The Pokemon in the party consist of FUCKWEASEL (Emboar/46/female), KESHA (Timburr/23/male), PUSSYPOUND (Simisage/25/male), HASHEYMA (Tranquill/24/male), MUNSHINE (Musharna/18/male), TAMPON (Tympole/12/male). LOL WHAT

At least "Ben"'s save data (back when I bought a used copy of Pokemon Y in 2013 before returning it for a used one) seemed more normal than this. How does... like... what???
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