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do you want me to make you feel kimochi

I guess it's finally time to talk about cacupid and my visit to the Japan Food Festival that was a month ago!

  • The day before we took a long walk at a park in Oakland and visited many places. I also got to meet Jasmine, Alice, and Inori, which was pretty neat!

  • There was a taiko exhibit and it was really exciting to watch! It was loud, expressive, and each pound of the drum really seemed to resonate. The guy playing the dragon approached Michelle and me, haha!

  • We went to look specifically at the bento exhibit at the Japan Food Festival, and a speaker showed us how to make deco-ben. I originally thought that people would have to cut seaweed to a great detail and use it as a black contour, but then I learned sesame paste was what was used.

  • There was a little boy behind us and he kept poking us throughout the presentation.

  • Sadly, we didn't get the bento kits, but we did get grab bags, as shown above. I took a bento eraser and gave that to my dad since he asked me to get him a bento after hearing I would go to the exhibit.

  • While Michelle and I were eating, some guy asked if he could take a picture for probably a news feature about the exhibit. I'm not sure where the photo ended up because I checked the official website for the Japan Food Festival and it was nowhere to be seen. It might have been for a Chinese news outlet because I saw a couple of them. (To be honest, I think they just took a picture of Michelle because later I heard some reporters joking in Chinese that there was nothing exciting about seeing an Asian person eat a bento.)

  • We later went to the Japantown Mall and Michelle made extra sure to have us steer clear of The Daiso to prevent myself from falling into the temptation that is the cheap but decent accessories they sell.

  • There was a kimono fashion show there, apparently! We didn't stay too long to watch, but I can assure you that there were lots of pretty outfits! One of the models had a dog, who was sleeping, and everyone around her kept petting the poor thing. Let the dog sleep!!

  • Michelle and I got animal-themed crepes! Hers was a bird and mine was a fish. So cute!!!

  • Of course we also took a commemorative purikura. It was busy that day since it was the weekend. In front of us there were a bunch of high school girls... one of them joked, "Do you want me to make you feel kimochi?" to her friend, and immediately Michelle and I went :/ to each other

  • Our last stop was Kinokuniya. Michelle bought a magazine (which we looked through reading out all the English text on our way home). She also pointed out, to my surprise, that Kinokuniya actually sells doujinshi. I saw a Sousuke × Gou doujin amongst the hoard of R18 BL stuff and was so tempted to buy it. I mean, I'm not too big on the couple and like them with a siblingish relationship but I wouldn't mind having it in my collection. (Michelle's like, "I don't think they're going to be sibling-like" and I'm like, "STILL THOUGH") I... didn't buy it, BUT I'M COMING FOR IT NEXT TIME HRNNGH I HOPE IT'S STILL THERE

  • OH, YEAH. I forgot to mention this. Michelle and I were browsing through the manga magazine since I wanted to buy an issue of Bessatsu Margaret and we found this huge pile of yaoi magazines with the cover filled with a shameless orgy of huge guys licking the asses of tiny guys. Yes, this was in plural. It was hilarious because Michelle just turned over the magazine so that the front cover would be facing down (even though the back cover continued a bit of the raunchiness).

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