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It's been a long time since I've played Pokémon Omega Ruby on-and-off, so I'm just going to log what I remember:


  • lolololol I remember someone said on Tumblr that if you play as the female protagonist, the game could possibly seem like an otome game. Like, Steven is the princely guy who is waaaaay out of your Pokeémon league, Wally is the cute, unconfident boy who matures with your assistance, and Brendan is pretty much The Boy Next Door™.

  • WELL THAT HAS BEEN JOSSED WHEN WALLACE APPEARED. It's like, "Steven's my boyfriend, Steven's my boyfriend, awwww, what the f— shiiiiiit he's already fucking someone else"

  • Wallace is definitely the type to pose and I was not surprised when we got close-ups of his ass


  • Groudon is the only Pokémon I've caught in this game using a Poké Ball other than a normal 100 Poké Dollar Poké Ball due to my stupid insistence of having the same Poké Balls. It just drives me nuts for some reason when I see that I have Pokémon that have different-colored balls.

I did other stuff before the league just because I didn't feel like doing the league

  • I caught a lot of Pokémon that went unidentified in the Dex before beating the final gym (i.e. Azelf, Drifloon, etc.), so the first thing I did was to get the Dex.

  • Cricketune has a cool cry and I imitate it a lot (sadly)

  • There's a Mirage Island I didn't complete because I didn't have the Acro Bike

  • The Sea Mauville sidequest was pretty fun but that one room where "someone's looking at you" still kind of creeps me out

  • There's a Furisode Girl blocking the entrance to a cave which I think has Rayquaza and she won't let me through

  • I picked up Seel on my radar but haven't caught one yet

The League

  • Screw you Wally. I could have not caught that damn Ralts for you if I had known you were going to use your dumb ~Mega Gallade~ to one hit K'O some of my mons.

  • I had to redo some of the battles because while I am confident enough to defeat them, I am not as confident in making through a battle without having one of my mons faint. I wanted to beat battles with no fainting because fainting brings friendship down

  • Beautifly is officially one of my most favorite Pokémon ever

  • You should turn on your 3D as you approach the Elite Four. This was one of the only times I used Nintendo's obnoxious 3D function and the scenes were pretty. Phoebe's battle card explodes in hibiscus

  • The Elite Four and Champion Battle was nerve-wracking considering the team I brought with me were a 53 Manetric, 56 Dusclops, 58 Swampert, 54 Beautifly, 59 Azumarill and... 44 Gardevoir.

  • Gardevoir was 10 levels under one of the Elite Four Pokémon but thank goodness she was very effective against one that was level 54 and creamed the shit out of him

  • I was so worried about not having enough PP by the time I reached the Champion. Thank goodness for Leppa Berries!

  • I probably should have had someone of the fire specialty on my team but I didn't really want to use any of the Pokémon I got through events because it just feels like cheating

  • I like how when you face Steven, he just walks to you as he's talking. It kind of gives off this strong feeling that you know he's not going to let you escape without a battle and adds on to the discomfort that you'll be fighting him not as a friend, but as an adversary who is miles beyond better than you

  • Steven's battle suuuuucked. Cradily was the worst because the majority of my Pokémon were highly disadvantaged to her attacks. (Azumarill/Gardevoir = weak to poison, Azumarill/Swampert = weak to grass, Manetric/Beautifly = weak to rock, Dusclops DIDN'T LAND EVEN A FUCKING SCRATCH ON THAT ABHORRENT CHIA PET) I was lucky on my final run Beautifly didn't get a one hit KO from Ancient Power because I used a Thunder Wave/Confuse Ray combo on it. What's even worse is that this is one of the Pokémon Steven will use a Full Restore on right when you think you got her dead

  • Metagross ughhhhhh I used Swampert against him because he had the best defense but every Giga Impact took off half of her health. I managed to get him when he was resting and was so lucky Steven didn't use a Full Restore

  • I didn't use Gardevoir at all in Steven's match; there's no way she'd win lol

  • The ending credits show some of the Pokémon I used to battle with, which was cool

  • The game oozes of female and male protagonist shipping. I mean, the post-game battle ("Let's battle so I can understand how you feel and I want you to see how I feel too!") and watching the falling stars at night and the tickets to the space observatory, geez

And since this will be a gameplay post, I suppose I can ramble and make lists on what I need to finish and what I should start!

Games to finish

  • Pokémon White 2: I originally got this game so I could have an excuse to use Nintendo's online Poké Bank system for the Celebi event but totally went NOPE when I realized that meant getting a Nintendo account and later forgot all about it. However since the Poké Bank event for the Johto starters is going to begin at the end of February, I could probably use it. I only got past the first gym. I think I've been putting this game off because it's soooo slowwwww and I'm too impatient.

  • The Legendary Starfy: I got stuck

  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS: I haven't unlocked everyone

Games I finished but should probably complete

  • Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5 Part 2: I beat the original story modes but I haven't done the extra stages. Also, my ratings could be better...

  • Kirby's Triple Deluxe: I beat the story mode and the Dedede run but I should probably take up some of the mini games to get 100% completion.

Games I kind of want to play but probably won't have the time/patience to read in Japanese as I only have a PS2 that is region-locked in Japanese

  • Persona 3

  • Persona 4

  • Fatal Frame 3 because the second one LOOKS TOO HARD AND SCARY

  • Kingdom Hearts 1/2/Re:Chain of Memories/That one that stars Roxas/Dream Drop Distance

  • The World Ends With You
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